Space Planning and Furniture Layout

Once we understand your goals, laying out furniture is the next step. Every room presents its own challenges (dimensions, window location, traffic flow) and every piece of furniture has its own demands. A television, for instance, requires seating for viewers. Marrying the demands of your space, furnishings and goals is what space planning is all about.
The process begins with measuring your space and drawing a plan either by hand or with computer assistance. After this, we inventory your furniture, photo graphing and measuring it and evaluating the pieces with you regarding their future use. Next we create one or more drawings showing furniture layouts in the room and review these with you. With your feedback, we create a final furniture plan and create renderings as needed. There renderings allow us to provide options for additional features such as accessories or built-ins.
This helps our clients decide what pieces they need and what pieces they should keep.
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