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Kitchen remodeling is about capturing your needs, loves and passions and translating them into a design.  Your kitchen should make you smile, make you feel enriched and fit you like a glove.

Those objectives impact every decision from counter space to optimizing storage to choosing the perfect backsplash.

We’re here to be your guides, make the choices bitesize and help you with every decision.  When it comes to building it, we’re here to get it done with quality, a minimum of disruption and within your budget.

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Kitchen Remodel and Design Portfolio

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Our Method

Our method is to marry top notch design to outstanding kitchen construction.

Our kitchen designers will meet with you to examine your space and to discuss with you your needs and wants as you look over photos together. Once they understand your wishes, they will create renderings and select sample materials for your approval to fit your budget. Based on your feedback they will make modifications and present new renderings and materials until your kitchen is exactly as you dream of.   

Technical issues that require contractor’s will be answered by the master builders of Stratagem Construction . Once your kitchen design is complete you can have Stratagem Construction, our in-house remodeling team, prepare a bid for you. All cabinetry can be built at our Chicago woodshop speeding construction times.

Our coordination of design, construction and materials ensure excellent quality and the minimum amount of disruption to your lives as your kitchen, no most essential room in your house, is renovated.

We make home renovation easy.  Contact us to realize your dream kitchen.

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