• John

    How far past the door dose the track need to extend?
    If the door is fully open and touching the door stop.
    Can the door stop be right at the end of the track with the door going past the track about 20mm or 30mm?

    June 06, 2017
    • Habitar Design Team

      If we understanding your question correctly, the alignment of the door and track depends on the hardware you use and how you install it. Most stops and hangers are adjustable, so that you can have the door align various distances from the end of the track.
      Thank you,
      Habitar Design team

      June 20, 2017
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    June 19, 2017
  • Mary

    I am mounting shutters using the same hardware used for barn door sliders. mounting over a bay window. I have calculated i need 12′ hardware. what i need to know is, if the window is surrounded by 3/4″ trim and the shutters are 1 and 3/4″ thick, can i mount the hardware to the wall with enough space to run the shutters back and forth over the window opening or do i absolutely have to install a header board. i would prefer not to. thanks

    March 29, 2018
    • Habitar Design Team

      Hi Mary,
      It completely depends on the hardware specifications. Every hardware set is different, but they generally leave about 1” of space to allow for door casing. It sound like you need 3” of clear space, which is most likely more than the hardware provides. Sorry I can’t provide a better response without the hardware specifications.
      – Nick Reidel, Construction Project Manager

      April 10, 2018
  • Tim

    I’ve been looking for some general ideas on what to consider. Most other sites are advertising their own hardware. You make some really good suggestions. I’ll be using barn doors to create some character in homes, and it can be done as cheap or expensive as they need to. Easier to install than a pocket door if there is enough room… and the door can become the art work. It has a rustic and modern look, while still being unique and helping a property stand out. Thanks again for the info!

    October 04, 2018
    • Habitar Design Team

      Of course, glad this info helped!

      October 11, 2018
    • Habitar Design Team

      Tim, thanks for your comment.

      October 18, 2019

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